Only administrators and supervisors can do so and only do so when needed plus periodically to make sure no forum rules are being broken.    
Only as a last resort when a member has been breaking rules/causing trouble and we have warned several times.
If there is a moderator online you can PM for help. If not please send in a ticket we can read the transscript later on and take any needed action.
Yes only supervisors,some mods and the owner Joshua can see them,we do not share any private info with others.
Yes often there is a moderator present,when there isnt we can still read back the transscripts.
We can not police what happens outside of our forum. Therefor always be mindfull about who you give out your contactinformation to.
Please send in a ticket and we will look into it.
If you think a post/topic is against the rules you can click that button and the mods will get your report about it and can see if indeed action needs to be taken.
Minimods can invisible posts/topics that are against the rules,they are supervised by the moderators. They have no other "powers".
Peersupporters are members that support other members by welcoming people,being supportive in general and doing livesupport which means they have one on one chats with other members to support them in their struggles.
You can report the post breaking the rules. You can send in a ticket You can PM a mod with your concern,we prefer a report or ticket.
Amongst a few other things; -Invisible the post/topic in which the rules are broken -Up their warning level -Give temporary or permanent ban -Put member on modpreview which means their post wont be seen public until approved by a mod. -B...
A moderator will look at it and decide if and what action needs to be taken.If we think appropiate we will get back to you about it via PM.
We cant give set times,it depends on when our volunteers have time. If live support is not online please feel free to send in a ticket with your question/concern.
Members and interested non members will be considered when they apply and among other things; -They are themselves relatively stable -Give constructive,compassionate advise -Are motivated and willing to stick around(we cant have mods come and go) -Are...
Members; - That have been around so we know them a bit. -Are friendly and helpfull,can give constructive advise -No warning level(non troublemakers) -That are willing to spend time welcoming new members and doing live support
The forums are owned by Joshua Cole. More info can be found here
Because we believe in letting members work out/through their issues themselves. We want to police as little possible.
Moderators intervene when rules are broken,they are there to keep the forum safe for everyone. Moderators always inform you if any action is taken against you; about the action taken and why. If you want to know the rules please look at The terms of...
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