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Real life support services

BPDWORLD  understands how difficult things can be and have put together some support packages we hope may assist you. Statutory services are highly overstretched and people are often left feeling let down, others may not meet the stringent criteria for mainstream service. It is our hope that these services provide a useful service to bridge the gap. We have done our upmost to ensure that the cost of these services are highly affordable, we also have various options available with workers from differing backgrounds and experience.

Trainee/newly qualified Counsellors
Our trainee counsellors/ newly qualified are currently in training or have recently passed. They will have a broad understanding of most common mental health problems and have a good idea of strategies that can possibly help in day to day life. Their relationship with clients/service users is to be considered more of a supportive role and an enabler rather than a client/therapist relationship.

This service can be offered as either internet live chat or weekly telephone support for up to 50 minutes.          Cost £5 per week


Social worker

Our social workers are fully qualified and registered. They will be able to assist you with a multitude of issues and concerns ranging from debt issues, advocacy and daily life struggles. This service can be offered as either internet live chat or weekly telephone support for up to 50 minutes.           Cost £10 per week


Important ! Once you have paid for the desired support service please complete all information on the form (click here) once this information is recieved along with your payment we will be in touch within 48 hours.

These services are payable a week in advance.
All support roles are fully insured by our professional indemnity insurance.
All support roles are fully supervised by qualified staff.
Services can be terminated by either side giving a month’s notice.
Whilst all efforts are made to ensure you consistently receive the same worker this may not always be possible and a replacement will be sought.
These services can last up to one year only. Any period after this time will be at the discretion of the management.
You agree to work with your supporter and complete all necessary tasks etc.
You understand that confidentiality is assured unless law/policy requires otherwise. Your information and case notes will be accessible by all staff members working with MySafe Place. phone support for up to 50 minutes.