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Mentalization Treatment

Professor Bateman, in collaboration with Peter Fonagy has developed and manualised an innovative treatment for personality disorder - Mentalisation Based Treatment - MBT. In this DVD Professor Anthony Bateman, MA FRCPsych introduces MBT to varying professionals who work with personality disorder.



Self-Harm DVD

CBT Consultant- Satwant Singh speaks of a CBT approach to Self-Harm.



Too Late for Kate Documentary

BPD is a serious and sometimes disabling problem. Two percent of the population has the condition called Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD for short. In Europe it's also known as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder which seems to better describe the sufferer, as they have problems with the stability of their emotional feelings.
This causes problems between themselves and their family and friends. They are often called manipulative as their reactions to some incidents seem quite severe as they often express themselves with inappropriate rage or even suicide. One in ten of sufferers carry out their threat and tragically end their often young life.
This DVD investigates the world of Borderline Personality Disorder with interviews from the psychiatrist to the sufferer. It shines new light onto the problem and gives hope to those connected to the disorder.