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People with Histrionic Personality Disorder display a pattern of excessive emotionality and attention-seeking behaviour. Usually beginning by early adulthood, they display an excessive need for approval from others as well as being inappropriately seductive. They have an excessive concern regarding physical appearance and need to be the centre of attention. Their rapidly changing emotional states may make them appear shallow, as well as them being easily influenced by others.

For a diagnosis of Histrionic Personality Disorder to be made, the client must meet at least five of the following criteria:

  • Not being the centre of attention makes them uncomfortable
  • Relationships with others are characterised by inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behaviour
  • Emotions are rapidly shifting and shallow
  • Frequently uses physical appearance to draw attention to self
  • Speech style is vague and lacking in detail
  • Emotion is expressed over dramatically
  • Easily influenced by others or circumstances
  • Considers relationships to be more intimate than they really are